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Become A Nairobi Find Rubs Escort Today. To Post an Ad on this website, please contact us on Telegram.

Requirements: You must be 18 years or older to post an Ad. Once you become a Find Rubs Escort, you cannot promote any illegal services on this website. You cannot post any Ads that are racist, defamatory, threatening, inciteful, hateful or alarming. Be sure to read our Privacy Policy.

How To Post An Ad and Become An Escort: Simply contact us on Telegram, and we will assist you with setting up your ad. To become a Find Rubs Escort, we will create a fabulous webpage for you. As a Special Bonus, we will also create a Fantastic YouTube Video for you. We promise not make you fill out any long borrowing application forms. Just chat with us on Telegram for a few minutes, and we will get started on creating your ad immediately. Becoming A Find Rubs Escort is Really Easy and Hassle Free.

Cost: A 30 day Ad will cost you 3550 KES monthly.

Special Offer: For a limited time, you will receive a Free HD YouTube video with your order!!

Post An Ad. Become A Verified Female Escort, Call Girl or Massage Therapist.
Post an ad Today. Become a Verified Female Escort, Call Girl or Massage Therapist

Become A Verified Female Escort, Call Girl or Massage Provider: Verification is highly recommended, and is essential to obtaining a Verified Badge on your Ad Poster. Clients have been complaining for years that Service Providers turn out to be different, from the photos that they Post on Ads. We have therefore taken the initiative to ensure that our clients continue to trust our content, by vetting and verifying all advertisers on this platform and issuing those who verify with a “Verified Badge.” If you insist of posting an Ad without verifying, we have a right to limit, cancel or unpublish your Ad for a failure to verify. If you provide verification documents that are not legible or clearly identifiable, your Ad will have an “Unverified Badge.”

Age Verification: Under no circumstances will any person under the age of 18 years old post and Ad of any kind on this platform. We will request a Government Issued ID, Drivers License or Passport, to ensure that you are of legal age. Any Advertiser who flouts this rule and bypasses the Age Verification Rule will have their Ad removed, limited or Unpublished.

Compliance with FOSTA / SESTA: Enactment of the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), has made webmasters criminally liable for content posted on their websites. We can no longer claim that we are harmless for content posted by Advertisers on our platforms. For this reason, it is even more urgent that you verify before being allowed to Post an Ad on Nairobi Find Rubs. Any Advertiser that is suspected of being involved in Sex Trafficking will have their Ad removed. We will not knowingly allow any advertiser to Post An Ad on this platform with the intent of enabling or facilitating sex trafficking.

Compliance with Local Laws And Ordinances: Any Advertiser posting an Ad on this platform is required to comply with all known Local Laws and Ordinances that Govern Online Ads. We ensure that we comply with all laws in the jurisdiction that our platform is allowed to operate in.

Advertisement of Unlawful Services on this Platform: The Advertisement of an Services deemed unlawful will not be permitted on this platform. Any Ad that is suspected of violating this rule will be unpublished.

Ownership of the Content and Intellectual Property: All Ads and Content on this Website and owned by Nairobi Find Rubs. Any Photos, Video, Articles that you willfully upload or present to this platform for purposes of publishing an Ad, becomes the property on Nairobi Find Rubs.

Ad Renewal: Your Ad becomes subject to renewal every 30 days, and in some cases after your Ad has exhausted the allotted time that was agreed upon at the time you made payment. Any ad that is not renewed by an advertiser will be subject to limitation, by removal of contact details, redirection to other other pages, or become unpublished on this platform.

Take Down Requests: If a third party claims copyrights to materials that have been published on your ad, we will be obligated to remove your ad immediately. Please keep in mind the Nairobi find Rubs is not a judicial body that can competently adjudicate if a copyright claim is valid or not. Our Hosting Provider can also forcefully take down material or pages that have been contested in a copyright claim. This is an area where our hands are tired and once a decision is reached to take down contested material, that decision becomes final.

YouTube Policy Regarding Videos: YouTube is an important platform that can greatly improve your online coverage and audience. We are however, greatly limited by their broad and strict Terms of Use and other policies regarding YouTube. We therefore must comply with all YouTube Policies to avoid any conflict or punitive measures by YouTube.

Use of Telegram: Telegram has become an influential and well respected messaging app. We strongly advice advertisers to use Telegram as they guarantee encryption and privacy on their network. They will also not allow government spying on their network as we have seen on WhatsApp and other platforms that allow government agencies access in to their platform. Kindly contact us on Telegram.

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