Massage By Pam in Westlands

Massage By Pam in Westlands. Escort Call Girl & Massage Therapist
Escort, Call Girl & Massage Therapist located on Stima Lane in Westlands

Sexy Nairobi Escort Call Girl and Courtesan, Massage By Pam in Westlands is located along Stima Lane in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. Behind Sarit Center. Available 24 hours daily for In call and Out call appointments.

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I am Massage by Pam, High Class Escort Call Girl and Massage Provider. I offer Aromatherapy massage, Hawaiian Massage, Working Women’s Relaxation Lomi-Lomi massage. My appointment is in my place along Stima Lane, Westlands Nairobi just behind the Sarit Centre. If you cannot come to my spa on Stima Lane, I schedule outcalls to parklands, Kileleshwa , Gigiri, lower Kabete , Muthaiga and Nairobi CBD.

Looking for a reputable Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort Call Girl and Courtesan in Westlands who provides Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage at affordable rates? Westlands Escort is your best option. I’m based on Stima Lane, behind Sarit Center. I have been in this business for two years now so you can trust me with your desires. For more information about my services, just give me a call!

Hey there! My name is Pam and I’m a Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort, and erotic massage queen working out of Nairobi Kenya. I work in a gorgeous space in Westlands and have clients come to my door from all over, including Parklands, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Lower Kabete, Kileleshwa and even Nairobi CBD. A lot of people ask me about my location because they are not familiar with the area so again, you can find me on Google maps if you need more information. If you’re in the Westlands visiting family in big houses, my spa is right behind Sarit Center.

Massage by Pam is an Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort Call Girl and Courtesan Provider operating in Westlands, Nairobi. Pam hosts outcalls to Westlands, Kileleshwa, upper Kabete, lower Kabete and Muthaiga while also hosting in-call’s in a spacious spa located along Stima Lane. Pam provides a full body massage with the use of aromatherapy oil that has proven to aid muscle relief, aid circulation and promote a good night’s sleep. Pam also provides a deep tissue massage that helps aid muscles suffering from rheumatic pain, soreness and sport injuries. Pam’s Hawaiian massage is awesome.

My Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort Services requires a (minimum of 2 hour appointment unless prearranged) are given at my new location on Stima Lane in Westlands. It’s located behind the Sarit Center along Stima Lane. I am available afternoons and evenings, and all day Saturday for out calls-just contact me to schedule an appointment.

It’s here! Pam has finally launched her own massage spa in Westlands, Nairobi. Pam has been running a very successful outcall service from her house in Karen for the last few years and now she has moved to Westlands so the local guys can access her services more easily. Pam’s specialties include Aroma-therapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage and Deep Tissue so you know you are in safe hands. Her rates are competitive with other exotic massage providers out there and with a 30 minute full body oil massage costing only Kshs 2500 it makes it a great deal. Her location is just excellent.

I am an experienced massage provider with years of dedicated service. I have a strong desire to provide guests with an exceptional experience, one that provides both relaxation and excitement. My technique is smooth and sensual without sacrificing power. I am body slim with soft white skin, long hair, which I tuck away in tresses at the back of my head.

The best of a spa experience anywhere else, Pamela’s spa can be a full-service retreat for an hour of relaxation, or a special occasion destination. Pam is a licensed therapist who has been working for years with top professionals in the field, always striving to provide her clients with the highest level of service. Pam’s spa is one of style and elegance – reflective of Pam herself. Pam effortlessly blends professionalism, poise and passion to create any number of spa experiences.

Massage by Pam in Westlands, Escort Call Girl and Massage Provider located along Stima Lane in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. Behind Sarit Center. Available 24 hours daily for In call and Out call appointments. I provide Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage.  If you cannot come to my Spa on Stima lane in Westlands, I schedule out calls to Parklands, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Lower Kabete, Kileleshwa and Nairobi CBD.

My name is Pam and I am your personal masseuse and escort girl. I offer aromatherapy massage, Hawaii massage and deep tissue massage. If you can’t come to my spa on Stima lane in Westlands then I schedule out calls to Parklands, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Lower Kabete ,Kileleshwa and Nairobi CBD .

My name is Pam. I am a Massage Therapist, Providing Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. I have been practicing massage therapy for 5 years. I can either come to your hotel room or office for outcalls. If you cannot make it to my spa on Stima lane in Westlands, I schedule out calls to Sarit Center, Lavington, Parklands, Kileleshwa, Muthaiga and Gigiri.

The right massage at the right time is something that Pam provides. Whether it’s a soothing Hawaiian massage or an invigorating aromatherapy massage Pam will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Pam is extremely talented in what she does, and dedicated to her craft. Her knowledge of the human body means she has the skills to make sure you are adjusted, aligned, and healthy for your next day’s adventure. Pam’s beautiful SPA is located at Stima Lane in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya.

Massage by Pam in Westlands offers a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Pam specializes in Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage and Deep Tissue massage. Enjoy Pam’s soothing touch, call for an appointment today.

Hi there, my name is Pam and this is my website. I am a masseuse and an escort based in Westlands, Nairobi. Here you can find out more about me and the services I provide to lovely gentlemen like yourself.

I have been providing professional massages to the people in the Nairobi area for over 3 years now. In that time, I have acquired a customer base of individual devotees and also couples who come in for regular sessions with me together. My services are reliable and trustworthy, which is why clients keep coming back to me. If you’re looking to have your stresses loosen for an hour, then I’m here for you. Call or WhatsApp me on your mobile number to book your massage session.

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My name is Pamela Noordeen. I am a certified Massage Therapist and I perform all kinds of massages to include Oriental Body Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage. You can also do an Incall appointment with me at my Spacious Spa located on Stima lane in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya.

All over massage, Relaxation massage, Full body massage, Abhyanga, Indian head massage. Tourists are welcome to Westlands Kenya for body rubs by Pamela 24 hours daily. I have a Salon in Westlands along Stima lane near the Sarit center. Call me for your appointment to get your massage at the best price in Westlands Nairobi Kenya.

Massage by Pam, located on Stima lane in Westlands is a luxurious spa where clients can avail of a relaxing massage from an array of professional massage therapists. Our expert, well trained massage therapists deliver a wide range of massages that will leave your body feeling pleasurably released and rejuvenated after every appointment. We also offer a range of beauty services to keep your skin glowing and youthful. Massage by Pam offers Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage. Appointments are ongoing so you do not have to wait long before enjoying the relaxation of a therapeutic massage at my spa.

Looking for a great massage? Pam is here to help! Pam is available 24 Hours by appointment only. Her spa is located along Stima Lane, Stima Shopping Centre in Westlands, Nairobi. Whether you are looking for relaxation, stress relief or simply reflexology, Pam has the right blend of skills to ensure that you feel your best after every massage.

Hi, I’m Pam. Here at Pam’s Spa & Escort I specialize in giving you the kind of massage you dream of for total relaxation. I enjoy giving my clients the finest treatments that I can provide to them. My messages include Aromatherapy, Hawaiian, Deep tissue and Swedish massage. All sessions start with me getting to know you, so that I can understand your needs and cater for them during your session.

Appointments can be made by calling my number. Please feel free to visit our YouTube Channel and check out the services we provide and enjoy a discount coupon for new customers all year round!

I am a young girl who loves to pamper my clientele with the best body to body massage you can get in town. I am very flexible and attractively curved, 5’6″ in height, 26 years old. If you are looking for a decent massage by someone who is passionate about taking care of you. You’ve come to the right place.

From head to toe relaxation is the name of the game, and it all starts with a deep tissue massage from Massage By Pam. Pam has a variety of massages to choose from including deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, and Hawaiian massage, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll be left feeling relaxed and ready for anything on this list.

We provide Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage, Deep Tissue Massage in Westlands Nairobi. Escort Call Girl and Massage Provider located along Stima Lane in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. Behind Sarit Center. Available 24 hours daily for In call and Out call appointments.

Massage by Pam is an independent escort service that offers Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Based in Parklands area, Nairobi Kenya, Pam opens her door 24/7 for outcalls so request for your customized massage with Pam whenever the need arises.

Welcome to Pam in Westlands, where relaxation is the cure! Pam delivers an aromatic experience with her expert therapeutic massage techniques. Pam provides both in-call and out-call appointments, which you can book using the available booking system. Pam’s services are available 24 hours daily for your convenience. Pam has the infrastructure to deliver the highest quality massage experience with full discretion at my Spa in Westlands.

Massage by Pam provides you with a massage filled relaxation and aching muscles relief. Pam is a very friendly and open-minded lady who is ready to make your dream of a relaxing experience come true. Pam’s luxurious residence is located near Sarit Center, Westlands Nairobi. Pam offers in-calls as well as out-calls for those who are based in other areas in Nairobi.

Honestly this is honestly the best massage I’ve ever had; she hit all the right spots, left me feeling loose and relaxed. The room was clean and nicely decorated; there’s space to lay out clothes, shoes, etc. It was easy to park on Stima lane too. Pam is sweet and speaks English well. I plan to go back often.

I am a trained and licensed Professional Massage and Body Oil Provider and Aromatherapy Specialist (Diploma) based in Westlands. I offer various relaxing massages and oil treatments to help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate. All right in the privacy of your home or hotel room. Call Me Now to schedule your appointment!

Aromatherapy Massage – A gentle full body massage using essential oils to help improve circulation and reduce muscle tension. This is a wonderfully relaxing massage for all types of skin. Hawaiian Massage – This is a wonderful massage that helps create a sense of well being and stress relief. It’s a very sensual massage, best done in the nude. Deep Tissue Massage – This type of massage is especially good for people with injuries or chronic pain. It can help alleviate pain in stubborn areas such as shoulders, back, knees and hips.

I do Aromatherapy Body Massage, Swedish Massage and Foot massage. This is a very soothing and relaxing massage. I also give Deep Tissue massages. This is my 90 minutes massage; during this time my clients tell me they can make peace with themselves and they feel very relaxed, tension free and they experience a wonderful glow.

Aromatherapy massage is a type of massage therapy which incorporates the use of essential oils . The use of aromatherapy for relaxation and general well-being is centuries old. Massage by Pam has been operating for a year now and can be enjoyed by anyone within or outside Westlands.

The masseuse has worked on my back and arms after they were stiff from work. I was so relaxed, I had to beg her to stop!” — Andie

I provide Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage. I have been working as a massage therapist since 2012 and I have a luxury apartment in downtown Westlands which is my massage parlour. If you cannot come to my place I schedule out-calls to Parklands, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Lower Kabete, Kileleshwa and Nairobi CBD.

My name is Pam. I have been working as a massage therapist and escorting for four years now, and am a qualified Aromatherapist. I have a semi- private space at my home on Stima Lane in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya where I perform Oil Massages and light Aromatherapy Treatments.

If you are looking for a professional Spa provider in Westlands, Muthaiga, Parklands or Nairobi Central Business District. You will find Pam’s Massage services ideal for all your relaxation needs.

Have you ever suffered from chronic muscle pains? Are you tired of not being able to relax? Pam is the professional that will provide you the relaxation that you need. Pam is a licensed masseuse that offers a variety of massage treatments throughout Nairobi. Pam provides an assortment of massages ranging from Hawaiian Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and foot massage treatments.

If you are looking for the best massage, Parklands escort Pam is your girl. Pam has traveled the world to develop her skills as an expert masseuse, and she now uses that skill to take care of all her clients’ needs. Pam gives you total relaxation through a full range of massage styles including aromatherapy, Hawaiian, reflexology, and deep tissue massages. Pam offers outcalls to convenient locations in Kileleshwa, Lavington, CBD, Westlands and Parklands.

Offering Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hawaiian Massage along with Escort Services are just some of the specialties at Pam’s Massage I have worked all over the world! My massage techniques are designed to relax muscles by using pressure & motion on the body.

I offer various types of massage at my private home in Westlands Nairobi. My rates are 2500/half hour, 5000/ one hour and for more time upon request. An Aromatherapy massage with essential oils is my specialty. I am available every day 24/7. I only accept booking via my phone number or WhatsApp for your convenience.

Hello, I’m a true professional masseuse with a passion for helping others to relax and rejuvenate. I can offer you a wide variety of sensual and therapeutic massages – from the soothing Hawaiian Massage – to the invigorating Deep Tissue Massage.

I am an independent Massage Therapist offering professional services. I have a Spa in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya. My specialties are Aromatherapy Massage , Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage . For your convenience, I have my own transport so if you cannot come to me at my home Spa center. I schedule out calls to Parklands, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Upper Hill, Kileleshwa and Nairobi CBD.

Massage By Pam in Westlands offers a full list of massage and spa services, including Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massages and Deep Tissue Massage. I am located on Stima Lane in Westlands, Kenya. Please contact me if you have any questions about my services or to schedule an appointment.

The best place to get a massage in Nairobi CBD Area. Pam is an independent girl operating out of her apartment. Pam offers you the experience of Hawaiian massage, Deep tissue, Swedish massages and Aromatherapy massages. Pam also specializes in the acupressure techniques including chi-kung and shiatsu. Pam’s Women’s Health Clinic offers a range of Women’s health services related to menstruation pain management, body therapies, facial massage/facial treatments & lymphatic drainage body treatments . Pam has worked with various specialists to incorporate the science of various treatments in Medical Esthetics.

Experience the rejuvenating power of massage therapy today. Pam will expertly massage your sore muscles, release tension, and help you relax. Pam has experience in both Thai Massage and Aroma-Thai Massage. Pam offers out calls at a fee of Kshs. 6000/= and up depending on the area outside of Westlands where she works her regular sessions. Please call or text 24 hours to book an appointment or emergency over time sessions.

Top Rated by Nairobi Find Rubs. Massage by Pam is an intimate full body massage experience. Pam believes that as “Master of my own Health” we should take care of ourselves and allow other skilled professionals to fill the gaps. Pam offers a range of professional and therapeutic massage services including: Aromatherapy Massage: Chamomile, Lavender and Ginger Hawaiian Massage: Deep Tissue and Swedish Deep tissue: To work out those tense muscles.

Stressed, sore or just in need to relax? Pam’s Massage will cure all your physical and mental aches and pains. Book in for an appointment today. Pam is a multipurpose masseuse, she provides:-  Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Body to Body Massage, Soothing Touch & Reflexology Service.

I am a full time masseuse and a licensed massage provider. I specialize in Hawaiian Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage. I have a well furnished massage room complete with a shiatsu massage bed to provide a comfortable environment for both relaxation and healing.

Hi, I’m Pam and I provide Aromatherapy massage and Hawaiian massage for both men and women. Aromatherapy massage is a combination of application of selected essential oils all over the body plus a range of techniques based on the ancient Asian art of acupressure. Benefits include: relaxation, stress relief, improved skin tone and acne control as well as pain relief from conditions such as chronic back pain or arthritis. Aromatherapy can be used with all massage treatments that involve a body scrub or massage cream.

​​Our Massage By Pam, Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort in Westlands Spa offers traditional massage, deep-tissue massage, aromatherapy massage and Hawaiian Massage. We focus on your stress relief, pain relief and lifestyle enhancement. Pam is personally available for outcalls in Nairobi CBD, Westlands, Parklands, Muthaiga, Gigiri. Lower Kabete, Kileleshwa and the Nairobi City Garden’s Club. Our Spa is located along Stima Lane in Westlands.

Professional massage by Pam is located along Stima lane in Westlands Nairobi Kenya. Available 24 hours daily for In call and Out calls. Provides professional massages, waxing services for men, women and couples to address all your stress. I provide Aromatherapy, Hawaiian massage & Deep tissue massage.

Hi Gentlemen! My name is Pam. I am a masseuse, escort and nude house cleaner who wants to give you the best service in Kenya. I am located on Stima lane in Westlands. 100% Verified By Nairobi Find Rubs.

Hi, I’m Pam. Thank you for browsing my website. I provide a range of massage treatments including Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Hawaiian Massage, all of which can be tailored to meet your individual physical needs. My focus is on the comfort and convenience of the client, so if you’re unable to get to my salon in Westlands, please do have a look at my outcalls page for more information.

At Massage by Pam Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort, you will be treated with the high level of customer service that you would expect from a leading escort service in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. I take pride in my work and love the positive feedback from my clients.

The Best Massage near Westlands, Nairobi.  It’s pure pleasure to have your body being taken care of by an expert masseuse with years of experience. Pam is the best. She is so professional and knows exactly how to relax you after a long day at work or before a longer day at work. Pam offered me the best massage I have ever had and she also gave me samples of products she uses and afterwards my skin felt like butter. I will definitely go back again and again!

Whether you need a pick-me up or just want to get away from the hustle and bustle, you will enjoy an unforgettable massage from me. I offer a variety of different massages from Deep Tissue to Hawaiian, and you can have it in your home or office throughout calls. Please feel free to contact me for any kind of enquiries or book a massage today!!!

Dear Gentlemen, Let me take the time to thank you for taking the time to read about my services and seeing what we have to offer at Massage by Pam. As a well-spoken TV & College Educated lady, I know that my rate is what you really need to be concerned about. I assure you that the rate I charge for my touching and massaging skills are within your budget as long as you understand what exactly those skills entail.

I am a full time, professional massage provider with years of experience, who offers a relaxing massage experience to my clients. My messages are not rushed and I make certain they leave feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than when they came in. I offer a range of services, but the main one is Aromatherapy Massage using high quality essential oils from around the globe, which can be added to your experience for an extra fee

In this world of fast-paced lifestyles, sometimes all you need is a little Pampering. Pam’s Massage by Pam combines a unique blend of Thai, Hawaiian and Swedish massage techniques creating a completely satisfying experience for the senses. Pam provides her clients with slippers and a robe for privacy during their massage. Pam’s Spa treats every individual as a special guest offering complete privacy and confidentiality. The warm decor at Pam’s spa is created from the owners’ personal collection of soft, romantic colors as well as locally inspired basketry from Uganda. Refreshments include Mineral water from the mineral rich volcanic springs.

Be Pampered as you relax and unwind as my hands provide a massage with Aroma -therapy oils or with pure Hawaiian oil.  My massage is an experience of a legendary Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort.

I’m Pam. A massage provider, part time escort. I give Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage. I’m located right along Stima Lane in Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. Behind Sarit Center and available 24 hours daily for In call and Out call appointments.

Massage by Pam is an escort call girl provider located in Westlands, Nairobi. I provide Aromatherapy Massage, Hawaiian Massage & Deep Tissue Massage along Stima Lane in Westlands. I have a Spa set up with all the aids. I do call with prior booking, unless you are booking for 3 or more ladies then it is possible to have an in-call at your estate or hotel room. I have regular customers who visit me for my massages and sometimes just company. My daily schedule goes as follows:

My name is Massage by Pam, a Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort. I am an Erotic Massage provider based in Westlands, Nairobi. No spa or salon has my name on it, but you can find me behind Sarit Center on Stima Lane. I am available 24/7 to give you the best massage you will ever have. My services include Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Hawaiian Massage. If none of these tickle your fancy then simply ask me what you want and I’ll do my best to provide that service.

I provide discreet luxury hotel out calls to Kikuyu Escorts, Karen Escorts, Pumwani Escorts, Ngong Hills Escorts, Runda Escorts and other suburbs within Nairobi. I also offer in-call appointments at my business premises behind Sarit Center along Stima Lane in Westlands. I offer the following services: Sensual Massage and Erotic Massage.

Come relax with the best massage in Westlands at my new key spa located at Stima Lane, Westlands. Pam offers aromatherapy, deep tissue and Hawaiian massages for her clients. Pam has 5 years of experience in the field of massage and is always willing to try anything new to provide excellent service to you by a Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort.

Welcome to Massage By Pam where you’ll find a relaxing, private and discreet environment for your massage. Pam is a fully qualified and experienced beauty therapist with a strong massage qualification. Pam also has a working knowledge of several beauty treatments including microdermabrasion, facials, hot stones massage, aromatherapy and more. Pam the Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort provides appointment times from 24 hours daily.

Call Massage By Pam. The Sexy Nairobi Massage Escort. At this time this service is available to men only.

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Superb Beauty, Call Girl, Escort and massage Therapist located in Westlands along Stima Lane. offering Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy, and Thai Massage. Available 24 daily for In call and Out call appointments.

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